Accreditation to Disrupt Space Summit 2017

If you wish to attend the Disrupt Space Summit 2017 as a representative of the press, please fill in the below application form. To be considered, you must be either a) an employee/owner of a legitimate media outlet, b) a freelance journalist on assignment from a legitimate media outlet or c) a photographer on assignment from a legitimate media outlet. 

Please only fill in one application form per media outlet through a designated point of contact (PoC). If successful, the PoC will be sent a link through email with information to register for all personnel wishing to cover the event on behalf of the media outlet.

If you attend the event as a representative of the press you will receive:

  1. License to use the Disrupt Space brand, pictures and videos from current and previous editions of the Disrupt Space Summit until 1st May, 2017 for the purpose of fulfilling a coverage plan outlined in the application.
  2. Featured as a media partner for Disrupt Space Summit 2017 on Disrupt Space website.
  3. Access to a press room near the speaker/VIP lounge which includes WiFi, power plugs, tables and chairs.
  4. Opportunity to interview speakers and VIPs. Please bring all equipment necessary to conduct such interview.
  5. Access to all activities at the summit except evening activities on Tuesday 14th March 2017.
  6. Food and drinks for two days.