10:00 - 11:00 How to Interact with Airbus

This workshop will address how Airbus works with startups. We'll focus specifically on what Airbus Ventures looks for in the field of space, how we differ from other CVCs, how we evaluate investment opportunities and applications from startups. We'll give examples of our portfolio companies and how we engage with those companies after investing in them. We'll end the workshop with a Q/A session.


Workshop Lead:

François Auque - Chairman of Airbus Ventures Investment Committee

13:00 – 14:00 What the European Union can do for your Startup

Find out from the European Commission what opportunities exist for space related startups. Opportunities presented will include the EU Start-up initiative, the SME instrument as well as ongoing relevant calls under Horizon 2020. Moreover, the Galileo and Copernicus Masters, as well as the Galileo Incubator and Copernicus Accelerator will be presented, as means for startups to develop their business ideas.


Workshop Lead:

Thibaud Delourme - Team Leader at the European Commission