Industry Challenge: Airbus Defence and Space

If Airbus was to give a startup a dedicated space facility, what service could be developed to build a collaborative, global community?


Surfing on the untapped passion for space recently visible in various social, entertainment and information medias, the idea is to develop a new stream of need/interest for space, ultimately bringing in new business and a sustainable commercial use of the International Space Station (ISS).  Above the interests of individuals, the goal is to build a wider group of “friends” (billion people challenge) and develop a service that many would want to use repeatedly.

As a global leader in space, Airbus has access to a number of commercial space platforms, from the International Space Station (ISS) to hosted payloads on satellites. These platforms could host a range of commercial facilities, from small sensors to telescopes, 3D printers or assembly chains. The challenge leaves the choice of the operating facility/instrument open for the team to come up with innovative and disruptive ideas.

Leverage an asset and develop a commercial service that would grow a global, collaborative community. The facility would be provided to the startup at no cost, to be mounted externally/internally on the ISS or hosted on a satellite platform and ready to operate.


To be defined.

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