The Disrupt Space Summit gives space entrepreneurs globally the right resources to succeed and grow. We provide you access to international media, potential funding, customer and partnership exposure, and of course inspiring talks - all within the scope of two days!

Whether you have already raised millions or just incorporated your company, the summit offers you opportunities to accelerate you and your business to new heights.

"The business opportunities between the startups were above and beyond my expectations."

Startup founder attending DS 2016



Central to Disrupt Space Summit are the demo booths spread across the venue where startups can for two entire days display their products or services and hold meetings with media representatives, investors and other attendees.



Investors signing up at the summit have the opportunity to speak with startups the day before the summit in private. If there is interest from their side, Disrupt Space will facilitate the introduction and set up a private meeting on the afternoon of the 13th of March at the Rainmaking Loft - a central startup hub in Berlin.



Through dedicated hands-on sessions during the two summit days, we facilitate deep interactions and coaching between attending startups and decision makers to identify new business and partnership opportunities. Learn what it takes to work with companies such as Airbus.

Check out one of the success stories coming out from last year: Airbus signs up first customer for external space station platform

Attending Startups


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How do the application and registration process work?
Once you have submitted your application form, Disrupt Space will do a quick evaluation based on your team strength, target market and solution. If you are accepted we will send you a link to register and pay as an attending startup. After which your startup will be featured on the Disrupt Space website. If you do not meet our internal requirements, we will direct you to other means of attending the summit to the best of our ability, e.g. as aspiring entrepreneurs. Maximum number of startup is 50 and they are accepted on a first-come-first served basis.

I am the sole founder for the startup I am working on, am I allowed to apply?
We recognize that a sole founder will have a very high mountain to climb before seeing success. However, we know there are exceptional people out there and we would like you to prove that to us by submitting an application! Even if you are not successful, we will do our best to give you concise constructive feedback.

What exactly is a startup and what is considered space?
We consider a space startup as an entrepreneurial activity in the pre/early-growth stage of the business lifecycle that aim to, or currently, 1) provide goods or services to the space sector, or 2) create a downstream application that predominantly uses data generated by space assets and targets markets outside of the space sector.

We consider the pre-growth stage as individuals or teams that:

  • have committed their own resources to an entrepreneurial project or entity. (e.g. own funds) or have acquired first external resources for the entrepreneurial project or entity (e.g. seed funding).
  • must have been operating the project or entity for less than 3 years.

  • How many founders can I bring if we are accepted and can I bring non-founders?
    We generally limit the number of attending founders to two per startup. If you have a good reason for bringing additional founders to the summit, please send us an email at We will then make a decision based on the information you give us. We do not allow non-founders to attend as startups.

    How do I get a demo booth and what are they?
    If your startup is accepted you will receive a registration link. This link can be used to book a demo booth at the summit. The Demo booth consists of a standing round table of approximately one meter diameter and will include a power plug for product demos and monitors. You are free to bring standing banners to be placed next to the table.

    When will I know if we have investor meetings on the 13th of March?
    We will organize the meetings through email as soon as a good match is identified. The earlier the registration, the more time potential investors will have to evaluate your startup.

    What is the Startup Meet & Greet event on the evening of the 13th of March?
    The optional but highly recommended meetup in the evening of the 13th of March serves as a first opportunity for all attending startups to get to know each other without the presence of investors and corporates. It acts as a community building activity, an introduction to the local startup ecosystem in Berlin and will let us set expectations for you on the following two days.