11:00 Space Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Meet the community leaders who are building space entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. We want to get an overview of our collective progress and figure out how different regions can better coordinate efforts to help startups grow businesses.


13:00 SpaceFounders LaunchPad

What are your challenges to accelerate to get to market and scale your business? And how can industry partners, investors and public institutions help you overcome these challenges? This workshop is the opportunity for space founders to write a wishlist for their startups, together with the partners who can make them come true.


Workshop Leads:

15:00 Europe as hub for space entrepreneurship

What is the current business climate for space startups in Europe and how can Germany contribute towards making Europe a world-class hub for space entrepreneurship? Hear the answers from the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries and the co-founder of Planet Robbie Schingler.


15:30 Earth Observation - Images to Intelligence

These are the companies and organizations disrupting sectors from agriculture to finance by using space data. Benefit from an end user-centric approach to learn how space data can help your business.


17:30 Connecting the World Through Space

Global connectivity through satellite constellations is posed to transform how we interact with every thing in our daily life. Explore how space and the Internet of Things (IoT) are merging together through the work of pioneering startups and service providers in this area.


  • Coen Janssen - Co-founder and CFO of Magnitude Space
  • Fabien Jordan - Co-founder and CEO of ELSE
  • Christof Deringer - Business Development Manager at KASKILO
  • Vincent Sabot - Vice President of Channels at Sigfox
  • Amaresh Kollipara - Founder and Managing Partner / Special Projects at Earth2Orbit / Oculus (Moderator)