Philippe Cyr

Co-founder of Disrupt Space


Philippe spent the past eight years working and studying in six countries in pursuit of exploring his passion: the intersection of politics, space and innovation.

Before entering the space community Philippe held various roles in microfinance, business process development and business incubation programs for technology startups. Prior to co-founding Disrupt Space he served as the lead organizer for the Startup Weekend Space: Shanghai event.

Philippe has since been invited to speak at the Space Foundation's 32nd Space Symposium and 2016 Space Technology Investment Forum in San Francisco on the topic of space startups and next gen space entrepreneurs.

He holds an MA in Chinese Politics & Diplomacy from Fudan University and an M.Sc in Global Studies from Lund University. He is also an alumnus of the International Space University's 2014 Space Studies program where he was nominated by his peers as Class Speaker.