13:00 – 14:30 Spacetech as the New Frontier for Angels and VCs

The workshop will introduce investors to investment opportunities in the commercial space tech sector, with a focus on opportunities being created by space startup community present at the Disrupt Space Summit.

  • New business models at the interface of the space industry and the digital economy
  • Disruptive technology trends
  • Start-up ecosystem and entrepreneurial landscape in Europe
  • Investment challenges in the space tech sector


Workshop Lead:

15:30 - 16:30 Why Design And Branding Are Essential To The Success Of Your Space Startup

Design is an integral part of any successful company. Developing a strong brand can inspire loyalty from your customers and trust within your audience – this is particularly important for companies who regularly blow things up. Learn how to utilize simple design and branding strategies to strengthen your company.


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Astronauts need space suits. You need intellectual property law. But what, when, where and how? Learn from legal professionals at this workshop how to outfit yourself and your firm for business in deep space and beyond. Whether earthbound or exploring the universe, law is indispensable to protecting, exploiting and preserving your collected data, your technical lead, your trademarks - and your firm's reputation. IP Law:  Don't leave Earth without it.  Sign up today!


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