Laura is the Director for Business Development at Starlab Barcelona, where she takes care of new business development, strategic partnerships across the industry and also collaborates in the company innovation process.

At Starlab Laura has lead during years the space operational applications unit for several clients, private, public or institutional where she has learned the needs of different market players and has identified the common gap for the Earth Observation market.

With that experience, Laura is now pushing the creation of UrbanAI, the next Starlab spin off to provide an easy access to complex data levering all the value from Earth Observation, IoT network and Crowdsourced data to empower the final user with a disruptive data exploitation capability based in Machine Learning processing.

Before joining Starlab, Laura worked in the Sentinel-1 team at European Space Agency as a trainee during 2 years evaluating how the application needs were translated in technical requirements for the Sentinel-1 payload.

Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and has done her master thesis at La Sapienza, Rome