Julie is a Business Builder at Deutsche Ventures since October 2016.

After finishing her Master in International Management at ESCP Europe in May 2014, she co-founded Keydock, which aimed at building reception desks for Airbnb travelers in cool, local cafés. Keydock was operational in its network of 25 cafés in Berlin for a year, initially offering key handover services. During this time, Julie learned all the ups and downs of the early startup stage and was responsible for building and executing the overall business strategy, with a special focus on managing product development, branding & communication and administration. Keydock was closed in August 2015 because of unfavorable regulation for P2P apartment rentals that resulted in low traction.

Instead, Julie became the first employee of Berlin-based hardware startup MIITO, that designed a new kitchen device with which you can heat any liquid in a vessel of your choice. The company had a successful Crowdfunding campaign that presold 6300 units, raised 800K€ and won many awards for its innovative design. Julie joined MIITO to contribute to shaping the company strategy and be responsible for all things related to planning, controlling, financing and administration.