Guillaume Girard has been involved in the space industry for more than 13 years. With 2 masters of Sciences in Energy Conversion and Project Management, he started his career as a satellite propulsion engineer for Thales Alenia Space, and then moved internally to the Operations department to prepare and operate the launches and early orbit operation phases of geostationary satellites.

In 2007, Guillaume moved forward to Munich, Germany to operate the International Space Station (ISS) Columbus module from the German Space Operations Center (GSOC). He worked as a spaceflight controller for 8 years and supported consecutively the ground segment, the on-board payloads operations and the astronaut planning till March 2015.

Certified ISS space controller, ESA and NASA affiliate, he has been working in the leadership of INSYEN AG, one of the prime private providers of the ISS Columbus Control center.
Shortly before he graduated from his MBA, Guillaume became a partner of Zero 2 Infinity in 2014. As one of the major shareholder of the company, he is working to develop the company strategy and international outreach. Since then, the company has gained global recognition and fine-tuned its vision to disrupt access to space and service the new commercial small-satellites market.

Besides, Guillaume is also deeply engaged in the International Astronautical Federation since 2010 and as vice-chair of the Workforce Development – Young Professional Program committee (WD-YPP). In 2014, he also became the Human Spaceflight committee secretary.

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