Some ventures are worth starting even if you can't finish them during your lifetime.

Creating friendly Artificial Intelligence, defying aging, protecting Earth from asteroids, electrifying the entire world's car fleet, replacing fossil fuels, switching from livestock to lab-grown meat, ending poverty--these are all examples of hyper-visionary ventures that advance human civilization but can take decades if not lifetimes to see through. Too few of us dare start them. Even fewer dare fund them. One of my life's goals is to help shift our civilization’s attention and capital out of trivial pursuits and into civilization-advancing ventures. We need fewer RunPee’s (an app that tells you the best time to take a bathroom run at the cinema), and more Space X’s (a rocket company on a mission to create a multi-planetary civilization, starting with cheap, reusable rockets). To figure out what's worth doing, I co-wrote a book on the future of the human species. I continue writing, speaking and spontaneously digressing on this topic.

My own calling is space settlement. We need a transport system to get humans to Earth orbit, Moon, asteroids and Mars. But we also need a robotic workforce to do the heavy lifting before we get there: resource assays, mining, producing rocket fuel and oxygen, generating energy, building launchpads and habitats... I spend all of my waking hours at OffWorld--a company developing small, smart, semi-autonomous industrial robots to tackle offworld jobs, starting with resource exploration and mining.

In my previous life, I served as an executive at a kickass Norwegian technology company TANDBERG (acquired by Cisco in 2010), ran a strategy firm in Dubai and spent 6 years as a consultant with McKinsey & Company where I co-led the Firm’s South-East Asian banking practice and managed large-scale performance transformations for banks in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe.