Krzysztof Kanawka serves as CEO at Blue Dot Solutions and scientific advisor to the Black Pearls Polish technological VC fund from Gdansk. Krzysztof is a leader or participant to several projects in the space sector. He was a mentor and team supervisor at Space3ac, the first European accelerator for downstream space solutions.

Krzysztof is an author of many scientific publications in fields of energy, chemical engineering, sustainable development, urbanism, European space industry, Polish space industry and downstream of space sector. Many of the publications have been presented at the International Astronautical Congress.

He is an engineer with interdisciplinary approach to R&D activities and commercialisation. Krzysztof has a MSc degree in Biomaterials and Composites and a PhD degree in Fuel Cells, achieved at Imperial College London. After PhD studies, Krzysztof has done two year post-doctoral research project at the Universite of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvellines in the topic of sustainable urban development.