Brian Lim is a Disruptive System Thinker, where he looks at evolving systems to remove the sources of the problems, versus solving the problem. Since 2013, Brian has become a leader in global space-based Innovation, by leading five space startups to initial investment and profitability. In recognition of his efforts in building sustainable space companies, Brian was invited to attend the Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program, where people are trained to impact a billion people positively in ten years, and was invited to spend a week with Richard Branson on his island at Change maker and Deal breaker event, to inspire people to tackle global challenges in an environmentally sustainable way.

Recently completing training at The Singularity University’s Startup Lab Accelerator program. Brian’s company, Hypercubes, which helps Governments and Companies globally to mitigate their climate change risk, using next generation earth observation technology. Brian is now part of a group of companies using exponential technology to positively impact the world.

Brian is also a retired TEDx Organizer and ran TEDxUltimo in Sydney Australia for two years with a background as a Medical Sensor Researcher and training from the International Space University.