Announcing the main prize at Disrupt Space

We are happy to announce the main prize at the Disrupt Space summit. The summit is a unique event designed to connect aspiring entrepreneurs and startups with decision makers to collaboratively solve today's industry and sustainability problems using space.

The event will see teams of three to five participants compete over the course of two days with structured mentor support to develop business cases towards solving six challenges provided select organizations. These challenges are announced here.

In addition to receiving supporting prizes from many of the organizations submitting the challenges, one representative per winning team (six teams in total) will also receive the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley in the United States as part of an official delegation of space cluster leaders from Bremen headed by Martin Günthner, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Ports. The trip will occur at the end of summer 2016.

The event will also see up to 20 space startups from Europe, the US and Australia come to Bremen to compete against each other for an opportunity to pitch their business ideas. The winner of the resulting pitching competition will be able to send up to two co-founders on the delegation trip.

The official delegation will see first hand the space activities occurring in the bay area and experience its startup culture. Each participant will also get to know each other over the course of an entire week.

Disrupt Space in collaboration with Bremen Invest are happy to award this prize and wish you good luck at the summit.