Early February Update

Hi there again!

We are now 9 weeks away from the Disrupt Space summit! Here's a summary of what has happened the last week:

Icon - Aspiring Entrepreneurs 500x500 03.png

Did you know that as an aspiring entrepreneur, you will be mentored during the two days by the founders of the startups that join the summit? They bring with them a wealth of knowledge learnt the hard way very recently.

Did you know that apart from other space startups we are also inviting business developers and officials from other sectors to the summit, e.g. automotive, IT, construction and mining. They are there to understand how your space startup can help their companies. So do not forget to polish your pitch!

Happy to announce our moderator for the Thursday highlight panel, Sarah Cruddas. She is a space journalist, science broadcaster and established writer. She has covered all aspects of space exploration for various publications including the BBC, CNN, New Scientist, The Sunday Times and has appeared on Sky News,  the National Geographic and The Discovery Channel.

Our very own minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Ports of Bremen will give a short welcome speech at the beginning of the summit inviting all the international participants to Bremen!

Our second startup comes from Bulgaria, EnduroSat’s mission is to provide simpler access to space for the next generation of business customers, scientists and technologists.

Our third startup is Vali. Vali is a software which enables engineers to collaboratively build better and cheaper satellites in a more efficient way. Software as a service (SaaS) for complex engineering projects!

Want to join the summit?

Disrupt Space is supported by the City of Bremen, the European Regional Development Fund, the European Space Agency and HE-Space.