Early February Update

Hi there again!

We are now 8 weeks away from the Disrupt Space summit! Here's a summary of what has happened the last week:

Did you know that the winning team of each challenge will work with the Disrupt Space team and the challenge giver to flush out your business concept through a series of milestones?

Did you know that the deadline for applying to the Disrupt Space summit as a startup is March 15th?


Logo Viridian Raven - Green.png

Our forth startup is Viridian Raven. Pests kill millions of hectares of forest each year, damaging timber production, ecology and recreational values. Using satellite-data, Viridian Raven calculates pest risks and with an app, foresters can prevent these pests.


Our fifth startup is Blue Dot Solutions. Blue Dot is the first successful Polish startup to receive seed investment in the space sector. The company is creating its own downstream services and products based on Earth Observation, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and ground sensors data for emergency response management and quality of life.


Happy to announce that Airbus Defence and Space is joining the European Space Agency as gold sponsor for the Disrupt Space summit.


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