Amaresh Kollipara is currently leading a unique space-related project at Facebook's virtual reality company Oculus.  In addition, he is a Founder and Managing Partner of Earth2Orbit, LLC, which is a professional advisory firm with an aerospace industry focus. Earth2Orbit is working with the Indian Space Research Organization to provide launch advisory and earth observation services to a variety of clients.  He strongly feels that the future of commercial space, and by extension, the future of humanity's relationship with space is dependent on the development of useful applications based on our growing space infrastructure.  Amaresh serves as a management consultant and financial advisor to a generation of entrepreneurs by helping them develop viable businesses and prepare for the world of venture finance. He served as a Principal of the Space Angels Network, a professionally managed global network of seed- and early-stage investors and he often speaks at aerospace and entrepreneurial conferences on topics related to the economics of the commercial space industry.  Amaresh also serves as a strategic advisor to C-level executives in the financial services, healthcare, and hi-tech industries.